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  • What is CRISPR/Cas?
    What is CRISPR/Cas? why is it so revolutionary and can anyone simply edit genomes with it? A great tool in genetic engineering, what it can and cannot do.
  • How to Stop the Clock
    Can we slow or even reverse aging? Let me tell you how to gain more than 10 extra years and explain how far away we are from actually beating age.
  • Transforming Yeast or how to make a GMO
    If you ever wanted to know how to change genes this is for you. I’m explaining the total basics of evil science: Transforming yeast cells by getting them to integrate foreign DNA.

About me

I’m a scientist at HTW Berlin. I work in the field of Telomere biology and aging. My project and topic for my PhD thesis is to develop an easy assay to make Telomere length visible.

I’m also also a father and husband. Interested in entrepreneurship, crypto and ethical investment, diving, travelling and photography.

More about me…


    • Danke schön Almut! Auch schön von dir zu lesen. Vielleicht schau ich mal bei eurem innovators net vorbei.

  • It is really interesting to know about you .I would like to know more about Your work and research . I would like to learn more about anti-aging – new research , new anti-aging medicine etc

    • Thank you for your interest. You can sign up for news per email or follow me on Twitter and I will keep you updated.


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